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The Aquarius Case and the Euro-fudge: how did we come to this?

All of it started on March 4th, 2018. With the general election pyrrhic victory of an uncommon, unpredictable, contractual Italian new bipartisan axis formed by the Five Stars Movement and the (Northern) League. Nobody could then blame a disheartened Italian voter for what has happened in the following weeks. It ...

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Italy, Spain and EMA: why the Med Axis has never taken off properly.

In Brussels politics, to associate Spain and Italy has always been a bitter mistake. While the two countries enjoy shared interests, they are not always aligned. What am I referring to? In 2008, the idea of a Med Axis between France, Italy and Spain emerged. However, the initiative never took off; ...

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Italy’s ENEA proposes to launch nation-wide transition to Circular Economy

Federico Testa, President of the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development, ENEA, is convinced that Italy is ready for a systemic change towards circular economy. Testa proposed, as recently stated at the convention on Italian innovation and competitiveness within circular economy (Innovazione e competitività: la via ...

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Italia che passione!

What a wonderful world! Sono certa che Louis Armstrong non avrebbe altro da aggiungere ammirando il nostro Bel Paese. Come non rimanerne ammaliati e quasi stregati? Ebbene si, in una realtà dove il mood dell’esterofilia vanta migliaia di proseliti vorrei con pochi scorci ricordare qual è il nostro grande orgoglio: la bellezza. Immaginate di visitare la località ...

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