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Italy, Spain and EMA: why the Med Axis has never taken off properly.

In Brussels politics, to associate Spain and Italy has always been a bitter mistake. While the two countries enjoy shared interests, they are not always aligned. What am I referring to? In 2008, the idea of a Med Axis between France, Italy and Spain emerged. However, the initiative never took off; ...

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Italy’s ENEA proposes to launch nation-wide transition to Circular Economy

Federico Testa, President of the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development, ENEA, is convinced that Italy is ready for a systemic change towards circular economy. Testa proposed, as recently stated at the convention on Italian innovation and competitiveness within circular economy (Innovazione e competitività: la via ...

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italia che passione

Italia che passione!

What a wonderful world! Sono certa che Louis Armstrong non avrebbe altro da aggiungere ammirando il nostro Bel Paese. Come non rimanerne ammaliati e quasi stregati? Ebbene si, in una realtà dove il mood dell’esterofilia vanta migliaia di proseliti vorrei con pochi scorci ricordare qual è il nostro grande orgoglio: la bellezza. Immaginate di visitare la località ...

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