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The Catalonian Crisis: is it new Revanchism?

The aftermath of the Catalan Referendum held on October 1st has triggered an institutional impasse in Spain. However, Catalonia’s demand for further autonomy is not news for anyone, least the Spanish central government, which has always had to come down to political compromise (and at times also confrontation) with the ...

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The Catalonian Crisis: an impelling message for Europe?

When Rajoy’s Government outlawed the Catalan independence process last month by invoking Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution— thereby endorsing the sentence of the Supreme Court — the Catalonian crisis appeared to be an issue the Spanish government could have contained with moderation. However, due to the deepening political crisis ...

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Salvate il Mercato unico

Dopo catastrofiche previsioni degli economisti e sconvolgenti risultati delle elezioni internazionali, il 10 ottobre la conferenza “Il ritorno al protezionismo e il dopo Brexit: possibili scenari tra disciplina della concorrenza e normativa antitrust” della Luiss School of Government riaccende la speranza: l’esito della Brexit potrebbe non essere così disastroso come ...

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The US and North Korea: are they victims of the Thucydides’ trap?

North Korea can be thought to be an unexploded bomb within the international system: this is because it does not match with the current balance of power in Asia. As a matter of definition, it is also assumable that, amongst the main sub-senses of the concept of security (e.g. Social, ...

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“The starred sky above me, the moral law within me” – Theresa May and Brexit negotiations

My argument on May’s stance on Brexit is beyond what they could appreciate on radio’s broadcasts, television’ programmes and daily newspapers’ articles.   Let’s briefly catch up with what happened so far.   First of all, the British PM Theresa May has fixed her lame duck matter with a (mysterious) government-saving deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party.   Secondly, negotiations had ...

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A CHAT WITH THE TURKISH AMBASSADOR – Terrorism, Turkey-EU relations and the reliability of media

On the third day of the International Careers Festival, we had the chance to listen to Murat Salim Esenli, Turkish Ambassador in Italy, who held his speech on terrorism at the simulation of the UN Security Council. After outlining a timeline of terrorism and the diverse tools used at different ...

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Italy’s ENEA proposes to launch nation-wide transition to Circular Economy

Federico Testa, President of the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development, ENEA, is convinced that Italy is ready for a systemic change towards circular economy. Testa proposed, as recently stated at the convention on Italian innovation and competitiveness within circular economy (Innovazione e competitività: la via ...

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Old City from the Mount of the Olives

Are international institutions promoting Palestine?

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has approved through a secret ballot a new resolution on the status of conservation of the Old City of Jerusalem. Such resolution retains as an endangered world heritage the walled area, home to key Muslim, Christian and Jewish holy sites. Such resolution criticizes Israel for its ...

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What’s up in the airline industry?

The airline industry this year has been facing more lows than highs. To blame are not only the numerous terrorist attacks, that have tarnished the image of some of the world’s major traveling destinations, but also political instability and strikes. Lufthansa, for instance, has only recently managed to find a ...

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On November 30th, the biggest organization of oil exporters worldwide signed an agreement which will cut oil production by next January. Today, OPEC members represent 1/3 of total oil production in the world and it’s formed by 13 members. Among members, there are nations of Middle East, such as Saudi ...

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